Training #111

Peak training is done and I can really, officially say YAY TAPER!!

Last weekend I did my annual run to the starting line of the Madison Mini Marathon, run the half marathon, and then run home thing that I do, while in peak training for Ironman Wisconsin. While standing in the starting corral I realized I wasn’t excited about the Mini as I normally am, just kind of beat down and fatigued from all the high volume training. When the race started I listed off all the things I’m thankful for and it made the run more enjoyable. Then around mile four I found a social media pal Angie. I pulled up alongside her, we began to chat, and ended up finishing together! Read her full recap here.

On Sunday I joined the Prairie Athletic Team big brick day. They started the day off with a 90 minute swim and then the full Ironman Wisconsin bike course after. The training event brought in some Coeur teammates from Minnesota, making the day extra fun and exciting. Michaela and Megan were such a joy to chat with at the start of a long day.

It’s always the first weekend of taper that drives me crazy because of how many miles and yards are still left to accomplish. The training plan that I loosely follow had a 60 mile ride followed by a 13 mile run on it for today. One look at that on TrainingPeaks and I went “nope”.

To me, taper does not include a 6+ hour workout. Instead I did a 2.5 mile swim on Saturday, followed by a 50 mile bike ride. I was done with workouts by 2:00pm. It was nice to have an entire afternoon to sit on a patio and drink margaritas. This is how I taper.

For my run on Sunday morning I had plans to meet with a friend who is very strong-willed and follows her plan. Her run plan called for 5 miles at an 11 minute mile, 5 miles at 10:15-10:45 minute miles, and then 3 at whatever felt good. While the 11 minute mile is a bit slower than I normally train at, I was all for it. She’s such great company and makes the miles tick by. It was thirteen miles of two-way positive banter. Every few minutes, in between other conversation “We’re doing awesome. We’re killing it. You look strong. You’re pulling me in this run!” Fueled by positive chit-chat, this was a great last long run!

I’m so lucky and grateful for this triathlete life. It’s hard and tiring. It makes me feel weak, and then it makes me feel strong. The people I’ve met through this community make it that much better. Bring on a 140.6 mile celebration on September 10th at Ironman Wisconsin!

The Top of Barlow Rd, which doesn’t do the beast justice.

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