Random Lake

I did that thing where I spontaneously signed up for a triathlon four days before the event. When I looked at last year’s results a fire lit in me to go race my butt off, instead of ride the 100 miles that was on my plan, which I don’t follow anyway. My entire last week is all red, because I did it my way. Also, if the weather was predicted more accurately, I could have rode those 100 miles today, but it said rain showers all day. No rain and no 100 mile bike ride.

Do I regret my choice? Not one bit! This tri-life is an adventure. On Saturday morning John and I drove up to a town called Random Lake, WI for an “olympic” distance triathlon. As I was setting up my transition I noticed the lack of buoys in the water and asked around about the Olympic swim course. The website had 0.90 miles on it and a map of one large loop. Instead, we got to swim the sprint course twice. Oh, and they didn’t give participant swim caps! Thankfully I had my own with me.


I was racked next to a sweet, kind old man in transition who took up 3 bike lengths with his gear. He asked me if I had enough room and I sweetly said, “It’s okay, I won’t be spending much time in transition”.

The bike route was a delight, fast, smooth roads, no wind, just two hills, and not crowded! Around mile 20 I saw John on the side of the road with a flat, I stopped to offer help, but he told me to keep moving. I worried for like 5 minutes, but he passed me effortlessly. On the start of the second bike loop an acquaintance I know from a Facebook group passed me. I was motivated to keep him in sight for a speedy second loop.

The run was two loops through some neighborhoods. I took note of who was ahead of me on the out and backs but wasn’t positive which age group they might be in. With no idea who I was racing against I just gave it my all and ran my butt off. I also remembered why I don’t like Olympic distance triathlons. Going that fast for 6.2 miles is not pleasant. The last mile I felt like I was on empty, and I was surprised to finish the run in 5.9 miles. Sigh, “Olympic” distance triathlon.

When I finished John excitedly told me I placed in my age group. He got 2nd in his age group, even with a flat tire, and I got first of two. I am proud of my first placement, even with only two in the age group because I didn’t know who I was up against while racing. I went out there, gave it my all, and placed first because I was brave enough to show up and do that.

One final faux pas from this triathlon is that the age group award was last year’s medal with the ribbon cut off. I get it, putting these events on cost money, but that didn’t make me eager to return next year, see below:



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