If I had to describe my training lately in one word, it would be erratic. Two weeks ago I had to do my long run on a Tuesday, and then the following week it was on Friday. The week after that I couldn’t even muster the will to get it done on a normal Sunday morning. I surrendered, called John to pick me up…1.3 miles from home. I couldn’t even run 1.3 miles back home!

For the most part, I like the fact that I’m flexible with life demands and make my training happen when it best fits in. There are times when I wonder if I’m just being lazy, not sticking to the plan and having a TrainingPeaks full of green boxes. I’m just not regular though. I’m a unique, special snowflake, or something.

This special snowflake had a great, solo 55 mile bike ride on Saturday. John had a sprint triathlon out of town, I asked around to see if any of my bike buddies could come, but everyone had other plans. I put on my 2017 Coeur team kit, which I save for special occasions. A solo long ride seemed special, and wearing that kit I never felt alone. It was such a perfect, great morning. I saw a family of raccoons. A girl yelled at me at a stoplight “I LOVE YOUR KIT!!” I had a giant smile from Verona back to Madison.

My route included the three Bitches of the Ironman WI loop, and I still managed a 15.9 mph average. I know this is an improvement from previous years. Progress! Proud!


During my solo ride I reflected on when I first started riding. I bought a fancy new carbon fiber bike and it didn’t magically make me fast. What? I’d go to group rides and get dropped within the first five miles. Ugh. It was so hard starting out. It’s still hard. Hard, but rewarding, and I don’t want other women to be afraid to start. You can do hard things!

Biking has been one of my biggest triathlon challenges. Learning to fix a flat, heck, I still find it incredibly difficult! I won’t let that prevent me to getting out there, doing what I love.

Just like starting anything… knitting, swimming, playing the piano…there’s a lot to learn. It’s challenging. It’s worth it. The feeling of overcoming challenges to get better at it will keep you moving forward for more.


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