Renewed Dreamer

I went to this speaking thing, where the speaker talked about chasing your dreams. Maybe this dream thing is getting overrated, but it did remind me of a ridiculous, out-of-reach dream goal of mine. So out of reach and ridiculous that I honestly haven’t thought about it in over a year. But during her talk, and the points that she made, it was the only thing I could reference. Maybe I need to listen to motivational speakers more often.

With a newfound bit of inspiration I went out for my long bike ride Saturday morning. We did the original Ironman loop, pre-2016 route. It felt great, strong, and the hills hardly even made me mad. I didn’t even yell at John, which is a thing that happens during every ride. I had this energy in my legs, with a renewed memory of my ridiculous dream-goal.

We hit the bitches, I handled the first two, but Midtown Road got me. And if John were close enough I probably would have yelled at him. At the end of our ride his bike computer read 15.8 mph. This might be a IMWI bike loop training day PR for me. If not a time PR, at least a felt awesome PR, fueled by that silly out of reach dream.


Sunday we slept in and then went out to Devil’s Lake to run then swim. The plan said I should swim then run, but what’s the fun in that? I am a terrible, rebel dreamer. I wore my new Tropical Punch sports bra by Coeur, with intention of practicing #sportsbrasquad day. I chickened out, for the first 1.5 miles. Then I channeled my inner Clare and “gave no fucks”.

I ran fearlessly in a sports bra. No one said anything to me. I didn’t notice anyone looking at me horrified. It forced me to keep good running posture actually. As I ran I reminded myself that this is the body that has completed 3 full Ironmans, 10 half Ironmans, a dozen full marathons, countless half marathons, and so on. This is the body that enjoys cheeseburgers and margaritas, and is strong in endurance sports.


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