Weekly Accomplishments #1

During my bike ride today I shifted my gears and my thinking–har har, see what I did there?

I am my own worst critic (I hope), and when I do things, I look at what could have been improved or done differently. That last sentence could be more confident if I left out the “(I hope)”. See?

What I’m getting at is that I need to take time weekly and pat myself on the back for what I accomplished. Last week I was the proud host and organizer for a Run & Wine night for women. When I first put up the Facebook event, through a half marathon brand account, it was exciting to see the number of “interested” clicks that came in. Whoa! Not only “interested”, but “going” too. Turns out, women like their wine!

So Thursday I got to snap this photo and know that I put this all together, on my own. I did that. That’s a really cool feeling.


Two days later I hosted another run, with a smaller turn out, but I still put my heart into it. The morning of I woke up early and drove to parts of the course to mark it with sidewalk chalk and write motivating messages like “You are strong! Keep going!” I don’t think any of those who attended made it to the portion of the route with those messages, but I’ve got to believe that someone else ran over those messages feeling a little bit stronger.

Sunday morning I woke early to cheer for John at a sprint triathlon. I screamed my face off, rattled my giant cowbell, and had a great race sign that made a ton of athletes smile. It was a ton of fun, and exhausting!


Though I was exhausted after, I still had to get on my bike for two hours. I sucked it up and got out there, riding into the wind for 15 miles. The way back home was delightful, with the wind and less Red Wing Blackbird dive-bombs.

The week ahead is full of more opportunity to do good things. It’s also full of taper and ice cream–you know, for the carbs? The taper? Ice cream.

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