Chaos & Gratitude

Ever have those mornings when you wake up, feeling like an idiot? No? Cool. Me neither, mostly. How about those 2:00am mornings, wide awake, ravenous, and there’s no way you’ll fall back asleep until you’ve stood at the fridge in your underwear cramming food down your throat?

I had that kind of morning Thursday into Friday, which led me into a Friday fog, unable to think clearly. I had organized a thing, with people, to meet at a time and place. When three people in a row said “Sorry I can’t come” anxiety shot through my veins and I created unnecessary chaos. I feel like an idiot, and my appetite is out of whack too.

Here we are, on Saturday, with lingering feel-like-an-idiot vibes, wondering how to clean up my mess.

Clean up calls for one foot in front of the other. Keep moving forward. Go into the next organized thing with one more lesson learned from the last. Don’t overreact. Just do it. Be there for those who follow through. If only one person shows up, show that one person gratitude.



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