Race-less May

Fun fact, this was the first May since 2009 that I didn’t have a race on my calendar. It was strange. It was so strange I hit “register now” on a race for first weekend in June, but the discount code they emailed me expired. So, I’m still in a race excitement lull at the moment.

Or is that taper talking? It feels funny to even squeal with delight that I’m tapering since I don’t feel like I trained to the point of looking forward to a taper. I could use another week or two of hill repeats on the bike. I could use a few more open water swims. I could do this, that, whatever and I’d still think I didn’t do enough. Yup, that’s taper.

I have let go of my goal of breaking six hours at the Madison 70.3 after riding the course twice. I’m not giving up, but respecting this course and my capabilities at the moment. It would be unreasonable to put those expectations on myself. I’m looking forward to doing the best that I can on race day.


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