Hustle, hammock, repeat.

After a couple weeks of non-stop go, go, go someone asked me on Friday, “What are you doing this weekend?”

I was stumped. Crickets. What? Come again?

My weekends have been packed with activities, tasks, and homework since January. My semester finally ended, I earned three As! This is the first weekend with zero plans, or things to accomplish, aside from my peak week 70.3 training. My first reaction was the desire to fill it up, DO THINGS! I should accomplish the things I’ve put off, like finally take those five garbage bags of clothes to the donation center. John suggested that we get some annuals to plant in the front yard. Over a cup of Culver’s ice cream, we decided NOPE to doing things.

Instead of doing housework, or seeking outdoor adventure I fell weightless into my hammock. I finished #GIRLBOSS. It was good. I fell sound asleep outside, in the sunshine, wrapped in my hammock. Bliss. The hammock sucked all of stress energy out of me. I had hit a wall this week, it weighed me down and sucked some joy right out of me. The joy was waiting for me on this unproductive, wonderful sunshiny day.

I feel amazing. Rested too.

While having hustle and getting shit done is great, so is rest and relaxation from time to time. Today was my time. I found peace and guilt-free me time. When was the last time you’ve done this for yourself? Be honest with yourself. Don’t let a smidge of guilt creep in for needing rest and a reboot. Relax today, get shit done tomorrow.


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