Tell Her Moment

Sunday morning John was chipper, drinking his morning coffee and suggested that we go ride up Barlow Road and do a brick run at Governor Nelson State park. Barlow Road is the nasty brick wall that was added on the Ironman WI course last August. It was the first time I ever had to get off of my bike and walk it up a hill. It made me so frustrated, scared, I cried, but it made me want to get stronger.

On our ride there I was mentally prepared to go through those emotions again, though this time it wouldn’t be a surprise if I had to walk it. As I approached it, I reminded myself to remain calm, just pedal, pedal, pedal and do the best that I can. Half way up I remembered an Instagram comment from a friend on Saturday, pointing out my strong legs. She said, “Damn girl, look at those leg muscles”

It was as simple as that, but at that moment I rallied “Damn girl, use those leg muscles!”

I hyena-breathed all the way up. I made it on my first attempt this year! It was a “Tell her” moment, where I realized the power of a simple compliment. You never know how a simple compliment can impact another. You think your friend is strong? Tell her. You think your neighbor has a pretty garden? Tell her. You think your coworker is very organized? Tell her!



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