A lap around Humboldt Park.


To complete a half marathon, marathon or ultra-marathon by running 1-mile loops around Humboldt Park in Milwaukee’s Bay View neighborhood on SATURDAY, APRIL 29.

So that’s what I did. I liked it. I have a mentality that is okay with thirteen one mile loops, think swimming laps. It’s like that. I really liked the comfort of knowing what was to come in every mile. Plus the logistics were so easy. Park, get your bib, set your fuel or hydration on a table, and run. Simple.

My plan going in was that this was to be a training run, with a progression. I challenged myself to running the first six miles at a 9:40 pace, and the rest at a 9:20. When my mile two was an 8:43 pace I knew my negative split progression idea was out of the window. I was running comfortably strong. It wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t really hard either. I finished in 1:58:47, a 9:05 average. This is my second sub two this year!

With this being an inaugural event and small, that time was good enough to place me second in my age group. They didn’t do age group awards, but I get the satisfaction of knowing that I showed up and did that.

I’ve had a really strong season, so cue injury paranoia? When things feel too good I just don’t trust it. This week I’m adding more yoga, more strength, and not racing this weekend. There’s a 20K in town, but I’m purposely not signing up.



  1. I’d do a looped marathon ONCE just to say I did.
    There’s one not far from me that is 4.4-mile loops, but to me that seems like cheating — not as boring as a 1-mile loop course!

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    • I kind of want to go back next year to do the full! I just like participating in so many different things, a 26.2 sucks up an entire season! Says the Ironman. Ha! I think 4.4 mile loops would be doable!


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