Half Marathon, no music

Run a half marathon without your music, just once, for fun. Seriously, for fun. It’s fun, I wouldn’t lie to you.

On Saturday I ran a small half marathon in Reedsburg, WI. My intentions were to be there just for training miles, adventure and enjoyment. No paces or goals to catch. I’ve never been to Reedsburg, it’s near Baraboo, and Devil’s Lake. Those who know the area are probably snickering right now thinking “That’s a hilly area, you fool!”

It was very hilly. I have hilly races that I’m training for. It was great training! I started the run without music. My iPod was in my Nathan belt for later miles, but I never ended up needing it. Within the first couple of miles a girl (who I had actually met a few years ago) was asking questions about my Ironman tattoo, and we got chatting. We parted ways, and then another girl ran up alongside me saying that she overheard the Ironman conversation, and began to talk about it being a lifetime dream of hers.


This was an exciting topic for me, I asked her some questions and gave her advice to get started. I hope she does. If she can run this hilly half marathon she can train for a triathlon. There was another girl on my left chiming into the conversation. It was just great banter for four miles, with my new Reedsburg half marathon BFFs.

We ended up parting ways around mile 4 or 5. The chatter continued with different women running up alongside me. It was a lot of fun and made the miles tick by quickly.

I realize not everyone runs a race for the social aspect, and sometimes we have big goals that we’re focused on. Last weekend when I was racing to break two hours I had my music on and ran as an introvert. That’s okay. But I highly recommend turning the music off for a race you go into without goals. Or, make the goal to have fun and run without music. You open yourself up to so many possibilities.

And here’s a run down of how the half marathon went besides the social part:



  1. I am not a fan of running races without music…simply because everyone else has tunes and are in their own space. Nobody every chats. It’s sad what running has become. Triathlons on the other hand are great! iPods are banned so most participants are eager to chat to help get through the miles. I almost wish road races would ban the tunes as well…

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    • My reason for the post exactly! There are times when I want to encourage someone passing me, or up a hill and they have headphones in so I keep to myself. No music = more encouragement. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I thought I’d throw this out there.


    • I’m also a non-music-listener-runner (except when on the treadmill). Most of my runs are outside, and I *really* like to be aware of my surroundings. Because I mainly run without music, I race without it too, and I’ve never had an issue being bored or losing steam or needing a distraction from the race experience.


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