New #BikeLove

It took me two days to decide, but after an amazing bike ride outside in the sunshine, on the new bike, feeling like I was flying, I decided to drop my Spring marathon and do the half instead. There’s a duathlon the weekend prior to the marathon that I have a good feeling about.

My new bike. omg. Have I even introduced her to the blog yet? I don’t think I have. She is incredible. Wow. The first time I rode her it was on a 20mph wind day. I held on for dear life, the wind was blowing so fierce! She still needs a name, I was leaning towards Hulk Smash, but that’s not a female name.


I got a chance to ride her outside again last night, on a pleasant 60 degree afternoon without all the scary wind. I could very easily reach a 90 RPM on this bike, and maintain it! On my last bike I pedaled with all my might to get 90 for a couple of minutes. Huge difference. I sense a fast season coming!


So I came home and signed up for the duathlon. The duathlon is going to give me better speed focused training through April to better prep me for a 70.3 PR in June. It just makes sense.

Happy training!


  1. New bike love is so wonderful! Enjoy your new toy and the speed that she/he/it brings you (or that you’re bringing too).


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