Training #107

I’m glad the cold, rainy gloomy weather came this weekend. It’s out of the way now. Next Saturday’s weather is looking decent for my half marathon, which I, ahem, hope to break two hours at.

Hope. This is what I really tried to avoid this season. I intended to train and feel confident going into races with my goals. My confidence on a scale of 1 to 10 going into the half marathon is about an 8.5. I am capable. I can do it. But keeping it together in my head is another story.

I got my bad long run done yesterday. It was full of yuck. My hip flexors were tight, it was windy, I didn’t feel like it, and an easy pace of 9:40 felt tough. After my bad long run I took a nap, and went to the pool. My good feeling swim made up for the yucky run.


This morning I got out of bed and onto the trainer for two hours of fun. By fun I mean wishing it was warm enough to ride outside. And also scrolling through Facebook and getting the bright idea that I should throw in a duathlon in April. I haven’t done a duathlon since 2011. I got this great new bike, I’m eager to get her out and race!

Reason not to do it:  It’s a Sunday before a Saturday marathon.

Reason to do it: My heart isn’t fully invested in this marathon, it’s a 1 mile loop 26 times and I’m looking at it as a training run. I can very easily drop to the half marathon, or call it a day at X number of loops.

I need to decide by the end of this blog post, before price increase and guarantee of a participant shirt.

I probably won’t have it decided by the end of this blog post. Instead I’m going to do some yoga to find some peace for my hip flexors.



  1. I vote for the dual – if it’s not too late. Who cares how you do in that marathon? (Which sounds like 26 circles of hell to me) Life is too short- just have fun. And by fun, I mean do the dual. 🙂


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