Shamrock Shuffle 10K

If you happen to catch my post yesterday before I deleted it, it’s already off. If you didn’t, it was about John suggesting that we go on the keto diet. We bought a bunch of crap from the grocery store, I went for a swim, came home and he changed his mind about it. I did too. It wasn’t something I could realistically sustain for a long time. Plus, it took me six years to figure out that granola on race morning is my jet fuel.

So now we have all this bacon.

Something else we did yesterday was the Shamrock Shuffle 10K. It was a way to incorporate speed work into my long run. We ran 3 miles from home to the starting line, we ran our own race, and then 3 miles home. On the run there my legs were heavy and my body felt lethargic. I said to John that the 10K might take me an hour, I just wasn’t feeling it.

Of course that all changed once I actually started the run. The first mile was all uphill, I’m pretty sure. And then we got to go up Observatory drive. It felt rough, but I kept moving. After Observatory drive I felt like I was moving along fairly quickly. It was fun to run in a sea of green.

After the turn around the route veered onto the crushed gravel lake shore path. Oh good, we don’t have to go on Observatory again, I thought. I picked up my pace, and then the course veered back onto Observatory drive. Dang it.

Approaching the hill, I cheered “Nice job!” to a girl who was about to pass me. She pulled back. I told her to keep going, I’d follow her up. She looked at me and said, “No walking. Let’s get over this thing!” I would have walked if it wasn’t for her, I followed her over. My cheer for another turned into a cheer right back at me. This is why it’s important to be encouraging on the course! You never know the impact of your encouragement. Thank you, girl on Observatory drive!

My 10K was a 9:15 average. The run home was rough, but motivation to get home, clean up and head out to brunch kept me moving. The entire 12.25 miles was 9:23 average! Happy long run for me!

P.S. I’m not Irish.




  1. You did great. I don’t even know what keto is – is it like Atkins? If so, I think it destroys your muscles — that was my experience at least. Anyhoo, yay for the race! And for all the good race karma. Irish or not!


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