5K + 10K = 15K of speed work

Over the weekend I spontaneously signed up for a 5K followed by a 10K race in Madison. It was a small event that had on site registration, close to home, and my training guideline had an hour zone three run on it. Short races are my favorite way to get some speed work in, so there I was on site, handing over forty bucks for a bib number that I could use for both events.

The morning of I was concerned about waiting until noon to run because I was so hungry, I just wanted a burrito. It’s hard not to eat too much before a later race! The other concern was the wind and feels like temperature of 25 and knowing I would have a half an hour between the 5K and 10K of shivering. I chose a “get out of your own way” attitude and showed up.

The 5K started and I took off at a slightly uncomfortable pace. Part of me wanted to hold back to have reserves left for the 10K, but more of me urged “Run the mile you’re in”. It was an out and back, so I could see there wasn’t a huge ton of people ahead of me. I kept running my ass off. On the way back I made a point to high-five and encourage others heading out. My encouragement was contagious, as I heard the guy ahead of me start doing it too. Seriously, at your next race, I challenge you to say “Great job!” to someone on the course.

The time in between the 5K and 10K wasn’t as bad as I thought, and it helped that I could hang out in the park shelter out of the wind. When the 10K started I started running, taking note of the fatigue in my 5K race legs. I held onto “run the mile you’re in” and kept running. The 10K course was a lovely hilly loop around the Arboretum. My pace was a touch slower, but I stayed purposely uncomfortable.

My 5K time was 26:42, an 8:36 average and the 10K was 56:42 a 9:07 average. These are fast race times for me, I’m proud of them, and give me some confidence in breaking two hours on 4/1 at a half marathon.

I get to do this again on Sunday at the Madison Shamrock Shuffle 10K. The weather looks stupid, I get to run to the starting line from home, try to race the 10K, then run home for a cool down. As long as I get out of my way and drop the excuses it should be another fun long run!


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