Hosting, organizing, leading

One of my weaknesses is being a good host, I’ve always known this and avoid organizing get-togethers. Last time I organized a decent sized group run of 8-12 women I ended up having to bail for a funeral, which further put bad feelings associated with organizing. I’m not good at it, it scares me, but it’s something I want to be good at. (Also, my friend KRJ–I miss you!)

About a month ago my employer asked me if I would co-host a Ladies Inspiration Night at the store. Whoa. Inspiration? Me? I’m just an average joe, I have no credibility, certification, or, um, confidence? It terrified me, but I took the opportunity and went with it. The invites were sent, my name was on it, and I watched the RSVPs remain steadily empty until a day before the event.

About a dozen ladies showed up, we did our ice breaker, I had a bad race photo slideshow running, we had discussion, Q&A, and even laughed. It went well! It wasn’t as scary as I thought, I suppose the wine helped.

After getting through the Ladies Inspiration Night I got a bit of confidence and called out for some Her Madison Half Marathon ambassadors to meet me downtown for a quick video shoot. A few excitedly agreed, and we all met on a Sunday afternoon. Here I was, being a leader, organizing, instructing, growing out of that comfort zone. It was another success, and I was beyond proud of it! The video turned out fantastic as well (I’m not even going to hold back bragging on this one!)


Since those successes, I put on my big girl pants (they’re all big, I’m an athena!) and invited about ten girls from different circles to my house tonight. I’m hosting a small girl’s night at my house, and we’re watching the movie Embrace. I’m hardly even nervous! I’m looking forward to a night in yoga pants, eating snacks, and connecting with some lovely ladies!

I plan on hosting more things in the near future.. a group run, a group ride, maybe a group swim? If you have suggestions, or want to collaborate with me, let’s do it!


  1. Are you kidding me – you are SO inspiring! I think I put a lot of pressure on myself about hosting so don’t do it much, but I don’t think our friends really expect Martha Stewart, so we should just invite them over.


  2. This video is awesome! Even though it can be hard to put yourself out there sometimes, it is worth it! I’m sure you are inspiring all those ladies!


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