Training #105 – Hulk Smash

I had a “Hulk Smash” week until this morning, that’s Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday painted green in my Training Peaks. New record, I’m celebrating that!

You might wonder “Well, it’s only morning, you have all day to turn Friday green!” The truth is, I’m not following this plan. It’s a plan written for a team, not specifically for me, my needs, my abilities, etc. Maybe that’s an excuse not to follow a plan, maybe it’s smart that I an in tune with my body and know when to push the comfort zone–which I am.

On Wednesday I ran some intervals, on my own will. It wasn’t in the Training Peaks plan. I put those there. I pushed myself. Thursday night the Training Peaks plan had 3×8 minutes hard, I did 4×8 minutes hard. I know those who follow a plan and listen to their coach are shaking their heads at reading this, but I’m proud of pushing myself a little bit further than the guideline I’m following in Training Peaks.

This morning I miraculously got out of bed at 4:45am to go swim. What??? I didn’t even hesitate, I’ve had such a strong week I was excited to get up and go for another green block! I must have missed the green Training Peaks green block by 100 yards, as it was a 2800 yard swim and I did 2200 yards. Hey, 2200 yards at 5:00am is a win in my world!  An observation I made at the pool was that it was all women up early, swimming after their dreams. Way to go women!

This was a great week so far, and I’ve got the weekend ahead of me with a long run, and hopefully a bike ride outside on Sunday!




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