Training #104

(Blog title- this looks to be my 4th training update type of blog post this year. Instead of trying to come up with a title of interest, I’m going to count them on the assumption that I’ve done 100 in past years.)

That “why am I out here, I should just quit” moment happened to me during my long run today. I was hardly two miles in, my hip flexors gave me a lot of “nah” and my legs just felt like lead. I stopped, stretched, thought of some really great ladies in my life, took a half a Gu, and convinced myself that the rest of the run would be relentless forward motion.

Somehow after I regrouped, I felt awesome again. Thank goodness, because that was only mile 2 of 12! One huge shift in my thinking is that all my prep now actually is for Ironman Wisconsin in seven months. In the past, I’ve always thought now is too early to think Ironman, the training will come, I would begin to focus on that in June. Funny thing, improving my times will take time. That time is now, to do the work to get stronger and faster (and gosh darn it LEANER) so I can PR.

Having this team plan to follow as a guideline for my training seems to be working for me as I’m seeing a little progress in my running pace. Last weekend I nailed 10 miles in a 9:20 average. I’m normally a 9:50 long run pace! I’m even doing scheduled training when I’d rather be eating tacos. I’d love to see this progress help me on race day.


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