Body Acceptance on Instagram

This morning I was innocently scrolling through my Instagram feed and landed on yet another body acceptance picture/post. These are great, they really are…but…They’re always done by someone who seemingly weighs 130 or less, no rolls, flat stomach, etc. They say things like “I don’t have a thigh gap, but I’m so proud of my body”. Great. Be proud. Flaunt it. Don’t even mention thigh gap, or whatever imperfection you think you have.

I was immediately upset, over a silly Instagram photo of someone I don’t even know. I went into a rant, worked myself up, and realized that I was essentially tearing someone else down. I deleted my rant (thank you internet), and moved on with my day.

But I do want to say as an athena (160+ lbs), the bikini pictures of someone who weighs less than 150 don’t inspire me. They stress me out. They do the opposite of make me feel like I should accept my body. I don’t think this is just me.

I’m not saying don’t post your pictures and overcome your insecurities. I’m just putting my voice out there too, without the bikini picture and muffin rolls to prove it. I weigh more than I ‘d like, I’m generally uncomfortable in my skin, and I have insecurities too. My imperfect body carries me through a lot of adventures, like Ironman Wisconsin three times and I’m grateful for that. My larger body can withstand full marathons, triathlons, and all the training that goes along with it. My body is amazing and I can accept it without showing it to you.


  1. I know I post a lot of bikini pics. And yes, I weigh under 130 pounds. I post them because I am so proud of what I have accomplished. I worked hard to get where I am and I want to share that it is possible. It is even possible after two kids while working full time. I am glad you are proud of what your body has accomplished. I am too! We just share it in different ways and that is what makes the world awesome!

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  2. Great post. I feel like those “I love my body in spite of this [tiny or nonexistent] flaw” posts are just total humblebrags. Same as the no-makeup selfies from people who look flawless without makeup. Those make me feel like shit too lol. You can be proud of your accomplishments without the humblebrag. As someone who doesn’t always love my able-bodied, cisgender self, I can only imagine how those images could make people feel who are physically disabled or struggling with gender dysphoria.


  3. I definitely struggle with this too – I’m a proud Athena and yet I struggled this year to register Athena because I don’t want people to look at me in my kit. I find all the “love your body” bikini posts terrifying. I know they’re not meant to be that way, but yeah. On the other hand, it’s a reminder that we all have insecurities.


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