February Goals & Stuff

Two weeks ago I declared some goals, one of them is to lose 15 lbs. That week, I counted my calories, I weighed and measured my food, I was under my calorie goal by at least 300 every day. I lost 2 lbs that week! I’m so good at week one. The following week I slowly fell more and more off track. I weigh the same as I did two weeks ago now. Bleh.

Along with falling off of calorie counting, I also fell off of the training plan that I’m loosely following, so it doesn’t really matter…See? I’m just not good at a plan. I didn’t swim at all last week. I feel guilty. I bet the pool misses me.

But I did have a long run breakthrough, kind of. Maybe. On Saturday I started my long run with a women’s running group. Before the start of the run a girl asked me my pace, I shrugged, “9:40s?”

She said she would “try” to keep up with me. We started running, chatting, getting to know each other, sharing running stories…I glanced at my Garmin which read 8:50 at that moment. Whoa. She seemed fine, I felt fine, so we just kept running. At the end of the run we had averaged 9:13 for 3 miles. It’s funny how when you turn your brain off, socialize, and run for enjoyment how much more capable we are than we thought.

I used that same train of thought for the rest of my run after I parted from the group. I had seven more miles to get in on my own. It was such an amazing February morning, low 50s! Sunshine! There were so many other runners out. I got to run in a tri top! And finished 10 miles with a 9:17 average. WOW!


The following day I got to change my trainer tire out for a road tire and ride outside. It was so refreshing to ride outside, wind on my face, feeling weak riding up hills, feeling like I’m on a jet plane riding downhill! Total bike love!


A weekend of awesome workouts has me feeling energized and motivated to get back on track. I can do hard things! I can rewire my brain to stay on track, I will blog again in two weeks that I’m on top of things!

One comment

  1. I’m so over counting calories. I just can’t anymore. But, if you were 300 calories under your goal, that doesn’t sound sustainable anyway. I ran and rode this weekend – such great weather to be outside!


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