Declare it Day

Declare It Day was on Saturday, 2/4/17. If you’re not sure what it is, in short it’s a day when women across the world declare their goals with thought and intention. It’s beyond a New Years resolution forgotten, it’s a day to celebrate your commitment to a goal.

The movement was created by founders of Fellow Flowers, check them out. I’m fortunate in that I live in the same area as one of the founders who puts on a yearly Declare it Day party. In 2015 I attended as a social media person for Her Madison Half Marathon, I didn’t actually participate in the goal setting. The following year, 2016 I went and couldn’t proudly declare my goal, because at that time I had just interviewed for a marketing assistant job in the large credit union I worked at. I was being secretive with my job interviews as several rejections were taking a toll on me. Here I am, a year later deep into a marketing role, not at the comfort zone of the credit union, and still learning the ropes and doing the best I can.

This year I was ready, eager and proud to declare my goals. Until I was in the same room with someone who makes me question my worth. I let that happen. I allow myself to feel those things. I shouldn’t.

This is my space to feel those things, and to declare what I intended to declare. To complicate it further, I don’t have just one goal that I’m committed to. I tend to take on a lot, it opens more doors, it has more risk, and it keeps me in constant state of striving to be the best me.

Declaration-2017-3 copy

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