Training plan, spring 26.2, joy

The good news is, I got all my scheduled training done over the weekend. The not so good news is that the reason I could accomplish my training is that the five hour fat tire bike event was canceled. I’m glad they canceled it with two days notice, rather than me traveling 2 hours north to find out. I’m glad they offered a refund, and rescheduled it for February 4th. Lots of positive things to look at in the situation!

Instead of the fat tire bike event, I accidentally signed up for a spring marathon and ran 10 miles on Saturday morning. I always tell myself I won’t train for a spring marathon, and then temptation gets me. This one is called the Bloop, it’s a one mile loop repeated 26 times. It’s low key, inexpensive, comes with a hoodie, and is hopefully early enough in the season that it won’t interfere with my 70.3 training for a June 10 race date.

The other parts of my weekend training was a 2600 yd swim and a 90 minute bike ride. In the past, I’d usually max out at 2500 yd on the weekend. It feels weird to me that I see 2600 in the plan and commit to it. It also feels like I’m actually accomplishing something!

For my bike ride I ventured outdoors, because it was 40 degrees in January. All the ice has melted, and the outdoors make me happy. It felt funny to ride next to snowbanks, frozen Lake Monona on a tri bike, but it was so much more enjoyable than being stuck on the trainer. It’s assuring to know that I can still find enjoyment while following a plan.


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  1. I’m still very new to ‘real’ winters in Colorado (which do not compare, I know, to the winters that you experience), and biking outside in the cold continues to challenge me! I ventured out on Sunday and was so so happy. Even though it was just shy of 90 minutes, it was great to be on open roads.


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