Send Snow

I dislike screenshots of the weather, but here you go, just in case you  were wondering how pissed off I am with this winter.


I live in Wisconsin, snow is an expectation. In Madison we’ve been getting dealt freezing rain weekly. Not only does it make for a long, stressful commute, but it’s interfering with my love of the outdoors. I’m not able to enjoy cross country skiing, fat tire biking, or running in most cases. I’m legit having a temper tantrum like a four year old over here. Screaming, throwing thing, stomping my feet every time I check the weather.

Note in the above screenshot of Saturday’s weather, AM showers. That’s the morning of my 5 hour fat tire bike race. I was so excited to start my year off with something a little bit crazy. Those conditions aren’t crazy, they are pure miserable. I don’t do events to be miserable, I do them for enjoyment.

So there’s my whiny post for the month. I don’t want to be whiny. I just want to get back to enjoying the outdoors.

Send snow.


One comment

  1. I’m always disappointed in rainy weekends – rain doesn’t fit into my schedule, especially for biking. Hopefully it will be sunny – or snowy – there soon!


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