Structure > Clutter

I mostly, successfully followed a training plan this week. Miles were logged in TrainingPeaks and my paper training journal. So far, I’m off to a good start and am excited to see where structure takes me this season. I’m also nervous that spring semester starts in a week. Nine credits took a lot of time and effort last semester, I don’t expect anything less this coming one. I’m nervous mostly for my sanity, but I know my time management skills will find a way.


Training in the last week included a threshold test on the bike. I’ve never done one of those. I’ve heard of it, and never considered it something that I should do. But there it was, looming in my TrainingPeaks. It was terrible, but I got through it. I bet I’m even a tad mentally stronger now too!

The next morning I woke up early to attend a group run in 0 degrees, because Wisconsin. My alarm went off, I hesitated, but told myself to go be the person I want to be and join that group run. The temperature ended up not feeling that bad. I was surprised at how enjoyable the run was. Conversation pace for an hour and fifteen minutes with some guys. It felt pretty bad ass to be a girl keeping up with guys too!

Today I have an hour and a half on the trainer scheduled, I still haven’t gotten to it. I will, after my house gets reassembled. John and I went to Shopko to buy a few things and ended up leaving with a new dining room table. There are boxes and pieces everywhere at this very moment. It’s the reason I’m blogging, to keep myself preoccupied until the mess is cleaned up. I’m not a big fan of clutter.

Though it does appear that I like bikes…


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