Wake up, kick ass, be kind, repeat.

I attended a networking event in Middleton yesterday morning and one of the speakers brought up a brilliant point about New Years. She talked about how during New Years season we’re very focused on self improvements. Not that it’s a bad thing, but, what about considering what we have to give to others. Brilliant.

Giving doesn’t have to be monetary. It can be kindness, support, encouragement, etc. Can you add that to your list of resolutions? Give one compliment a day? Stay and cheer until the very last finisher at one race a month? Encourage a friend to run a 5K?

I’m adding a daily compliment/encouragement/support to my list. Think about how actually easy this is to do. Log into Facebook, look at a friend’s page who you haven’t connected with in a while, give a compliment. Simple. Kind. Done.

Even more daring? Pick up that smart phone of yours and *gasp* dial a friend. “Hi! I saw your post of your kid and your dog! They are so cute! You must be so proud! How are you?”

A recent example I’ve seen from a friend is that she overheard a mom in a grocery store explaining to her kid that they couldn’t afford extra snacks. At the cash register my friend offered to pay for the mom’s grocery bill. It ended with a hug, tears and thanks.

That’s my challenge to you. Try giving one bit of kindness/support/encouragement for 30 days. I hope you go beyond 30 days. You never know the impact one tiny bit of kindness will have on others until you give it.


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