What I will DO


I spent my New Years day reorganizing various corners of my house, tidying, cleaning, etc. Whew! How refreshing! I filled two bags with stuff to donate, letting go of clutter. Something I lost sight of in 2016 was staying organized. I don’t even have a tally of my mileage totals for the year. I know I swam, biked and ran a lot, but without numbers it will be tough to know if I’m making progress or not this year.

Progress that I want to see this year is actually getting faster. Not just making a new year’s post and hoping that it will all come together in May. No. I’ve ordered the Be Iron Fit book to actually follow a training plan this year. Also, one of my work benefits is access to team workouts. I work behind the scenes out of an Endurance store, where all of my colleagues do this stuff. What this all means is that there isn’t any room for excuses.

I’m even being conscientious about registering for too many events. I love participating in events, and tend to over commit, which results in a lack of quality, focused training. So far I’m only signed up for one spring half marathon and a half iron in June. As much as I want to do a spring marathon, I know that it would affect the quality of training for the half iron.

In June, I WILL break six hours at Ironman Madison 70.3. I will. There’s no debating or hoping for this. This has been a loose goal for me for too long. What am I waiting for? Shit, or get off the pot.

As of right now I don’t have a specific goal for Ironman Wisconsin other than to PR. My first Ironman in 2013 still stands as my PR.

I registered for Madison Marathon in November to nab that 4:17 goal that I’ve had since 2011. Seriously. Six years of running for this goal! I really take my time to honor and enjoy the journey of it all.

Sooner than the above goals I’ve got a 5 hour fat tire bike race in just three weeks. Eeek. What?!! During my 90 minute ride today I started to question whether this is reasonable or not. I love my fat tire bike, but five hours? That’s a hefty day. There is a 3 hour option I can drop down to. But the hero in me wants to go for it!

No matter what, I’m going to continue to put my best efforts on the trainer and on the fat tire bike until then to show up ready to rock and roll.

Tried Barnana after a long ride, SO GOOD!!
I’m one of those weirdos in Madison riding around in the dark all bundled up with blinky lights now.

Happy 2017!



  1. Awesome goals! My only bit of advice is to pay more attention to your data so you can see that you are making progress towards your goals. That way you get some positive feed back before race day. That always helps me stay focused! If you already do this then never mind! Best of luck and can’t wait to see you in Wisconsin!!!


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