This Moment

I so badly just want to get all cliche’ up in here because things are SO NEAT. New job, new amazing doors opened. Interests align. It’s too good to be true. How can this possibly be my real life?

While it’s all new, neat and exciting.. it’s also heavily scary. Uncertain. What is going to happen?

And I keep having flashes of WTF at my old employment situation. I know, “don’t look back, you’re not going that way” but seriously. Some of the conversations, and things said. It makes me shake my first in the air.

For example, my former boss told me “as a friend” that I didn’t need to finish my marketing degree. If I wanted a career in that company it wasn’t necessary. Looking back, how dare her tell me to quit. A true leader would be supportive and encourage people to better themselves.

I won’t quit. I don’t care if it takes me six years to finish this two year degree. The stars lately are lining up, in this mystical too perfect way. I told my new boss about the classes I just completed and he high-fived me. Again, how is this my real life right now?

I suppose this is all jabber, cryptic and vague. But I want to document this moment for myself. For my future self when I find out what happens.

Trust the process. You got this. Stay optimistic. Live this ridiculously amazing life of yours.



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