All this Free Time!

All this free time! Weeee!! I’m choosing to be optimistic and use all this extra time to do things I love. For starters, I ran my first ever Turkey Trot! In past years I’ve always had to work on Black Friday and sometimes even Saturday. I always opted out of the Turkey Trot because I wanted my one day off without agenda. This year the Turkey Trot Facebook ads sucked me in with their long sleeve half zip fleece and cinnamon roll at the finish. I ran the 5K as fast as I could, 26:58!


Two days later John and I went to run on trails. What a delight! It was the first day the sun had been out in what felt like a month. It was so refreshing to be outdoors with some sun! I also felt completely weak on the trails. Wow. I should do that more often, famous last words! But no, really, with all this free time, I must run trails more often!


The next day I took my fat tire bike to some new-to-me trails and was thrilled to find a challenging ride! I just love the way fat tire biking makes me feel. It’s such a joy to get on it, and then face these challenging switchbacks and mini rollers in the woods. I won’t deny having to hop off of the bike and haul all 40 pounds of it up a steep climb. This bike simply invigorates me.


Aside from my athletic endeavors I’ve been plunking away at my piano which I haven’t touched since last January. My piano practice motivated John to get back at it too. In fact, he’s making really weird noises over there right now. I’ll spare you the proof.

I’m also really caught up on school work. My house is clean. My dogs are tired.  I finished Gilmore Girls Revival. I swam a few times. I did yoga. I should hit up the library tomorrow.

Things are good. Patience and optimism fill my heart right now.

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