Stop Wanting, Actually DO

While I’m simultaneously recovering and tapering from and for a marathon my thoughts are 140.6 miles a minute. Something got in my head this week and I want to do another full Ironman in 2017. I think. Probably. I don’t know. Maybe?

During Ironman Wisconsin this year, it was during the swim where I thought “Never again”. I like swimming. And then on the bike I was frustrated with how crowded the course was. If it weren’t for all of those people I could totally excel! Oh, also if it weren’t for all of those people it wouldn’t be Ironman.

So, what if I looked at a non-Ironman event? Spoiler, I am looking at one. It’s in Michigan, in August. In 2016 there were only 70 finishers, and no one in my age group. See? Without all of those people I could win!

When I brought up this idea to my normally supportive spouse the other night, he kindly reminded me of how much I resented the training in 2014. In 2014 I did Ironman Wisconsin right away after my first in 2013. I won’t deny that my heart wasn’t fully invested that  year. That was that year.

2017 could be different. Or I could end up feeling the same way, weighed down, prisoner to training. Though I do minimal training, it’s still a huge time commitment. But what else do I have going on? Well, there’s my online degree that I’m working on, but I will be on a Summer break. What would I do with all of that free time? Swim, bike and run obviously. This is truly a lifestyle for me.

I think an important question to ask myself is what is the motivation? A huge motivator for me is to find out what I’m really made of. At this point I know I can finish the distance, on a nearly broken toe for that matter. It would be nice to race on a field with some elbow room and see what I’m actually capable of. I want self improvement along the way. I want to eat real foods and refrain from consuming too many margaritas. I want to stop wanting and actually DO.

So, those are my four days post marathon-bust thoughts, and three day pre-marathon ambition.



  1. What you you actually want to do? I think that is the question you need to answer.

    I will say that this is the first time I have trained for an Ironman (number 4 for me) that I really have enjoyed all of it! Every week I was all in to do my training. #2 was a real struggle but since I had good results that really excited me to keep trying. I know you have said that coaching isn’t feasible but I really think if you took the pressure off yourself to figure it out and let someone else take care of it you might really enjoy it and you may get the resulst you know you are capable of!

    I want you to be successful in what ever you choose to do! I am cheering everyday for you!!!


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