Race Week Flower Gibberish

It wouldn’t be marathon week without a random, mystery pain, would it? I have this odd, twinge-y thing on my lower hamstring. I’m sure it’ll be fine, but it’s one more silly thing to worry about this week leading up to the marathon.

Saturday afternoon I did my eight mile taper run in Maple Bluff where the Madison Marathon course goes through…Oh, have I mentioned I signed up for that marathon too? Yup, back to back marathons, because why not? Because I can.

My run started off rough, maybe a tad dehydrated from a few too many rum and cokes the night before. My calves were all “nope, nope, nope”  I almost turned around a mile and a half in. But I had that damn purple “no excuses” flower clipped in. These flowers are ridiculous. When I first joined the Fellow Flowers community I was obviously skeptical, and no way believed that clipping a flower with meaning in my hair could change anything.

But they do! It’s crazy. There is weird, magical force in these things. When I first started training for this marathon I clipped the pink “worthy” flower in, trying to remind myself that I am worthy of my super easy attainable marathon goal of 4:17. The runs I had with that flower in were awesome. I pushed myself. I worked my butt off. I believed I could do the work and earn my goal finish time.

The purple flower has found my hair on days where I know I’m going to want to bail, and then I end up having a quality run. My run through Maple Bluff went up Farwell Drive, a gigantic hill at mile 18-ish in the Madison Marathon. I forced myself to run up it, down the other side and then back up over it.

Oh, and my eight mile run with the purple flower? 9:48 average pace, EXACTLY. This is the pace that I need this weekend at Rails to Trails marathon.

Now I just need to figure out which flower to wear at the marathon!




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