Fall Running <3

Last week I trained like I should have during summer with some structured run workouts, and even two pool swims. Seriously, I only swam once a week while training for Ironman. Why is it that I can train like I mean it when I don’t?

Well, I did intentionally train with purpose, with the intent on getting some of my speed back. I was signed up for a 5K on Saturday where I wanted to shoot for a PR. I did PR! By four minutes! I cracked 25 minutes! (I confess, the course was short that last 0.1 at the end). Though I wouldn’t have broke 25 minutes if the course was properly measured, I am really proud of this!

Another reason I went hard at some hill repeats last week is a trail 13.1 that I’m signed up for this coming Saturday, the Sweetest Day Half. The course description reads that it’s mostly flat terrain, but I thought hill repeats would be beneficial. I did 9 miles on trails last weekend, and then 11 miles on trails the following weekend.

The 11 miles was the day after the 5K where I raced hard. It was also the day after watching Ironman World Championships online live coverage. I went into the long run with a ton of motivation after watching Kona coverage, but also lowered expectations due to post-race legs. I had plenty of excuses to cut it short and take extra walk breaks.

I got out there, early morning, crisp October air, sun rays peaking through the colored leaves…it was glorious. I mean, my legs were tired, I was chugging along fairly slow, but I was so motivated! There was one point where I started to bonk and I reminded myself that it’s okay that I’m tired, but it doesn’t mean that I’m not still strong. I kept running. These 11 miles ended up being strong for the circumstances. Another run I’m proud of.


I can’t wait to see how these runs translate into performance at the Sweetest Day Half Marathon. I hadn’t considered a specific goal, but maybe shoot for a finish with a pace under 11 minute miles. That might be too low of a goal. It might be right on. I’ll find out this weekend!




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