Fully Rested, Thinking Ahead

After Ironman I got my fill of rest, enjoyed the last of the beautiful September summer days, and also got sick. The sickness took me out for a week and a half, so I can confidently say that I am fully rested now.

Fully rested for me means that I’m looking back, reflecting on what went well, what I need improvement on. What if this, what if that. It also means that I’m looking ahead. What will I improvement on? How? What will I do differently? What will I just do?

In conversations lately, the question “will you do another Ironman?” comes up a lot. Of course I will, but not until 2018. In 2014 I learned that I’m not good with back to back full Iron distance triathlons. Back to back Ironmans make me feel tied down, like a prisoner to the training. I thrive on the every other year plan. Or do I? This is the thing. My first Ironman in 2013 holds my PR. In 2014 I finished five minutes slower, in 2016 I finished approximately 20 minutes slower.

I’m doing the same thing year after year, expecting different results. This is insanity.

The obvious answer is to hire a coach next time. I had a coach in 2014, which was not a good experience. Looking back at that year, I know it was partially me, partially her and that we weren’t a good match. That’s okay. We’re all different people. I’m hoping to find a coach in early 2017 to help me nab that sub six 70.3 that I’ve been hoping to get for years. Reason I bold hoping is that I never really put in the work to break six. I just did what I always did, rode my bike, did some runs and hoped things would come together for me on race day. That’s not how big goals are achieved though.

I need to WORK.

What I’m getting at, through all this blabber, is that I want to try the coach thing again next Spring, and hopefully use that coach for a full Ironman in 2018. I want to experience finishing in the daylight. I want to finish my bike ride in less than seven hours. I want to run the marathon. I want to do hard work, and have a brilliant finish.





One comment

  1. I am finding that as much as certain “goals” would be nice, I really don’t want to put in the work it takes. 0 track workouts + 0 hill repeats = 0 PRs but I’m enjoying other things. Just saying that it’s OK to live a “balanced” life, if completing 3 (?) IMs ever could be considered balanced!


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