Despite what I thought was a broken toe, (I never got a doctor diagnosis), I seem to be recovering from Ironman Wisconsin fairly quickly. I went for a two mile run on Saturday just to see. From there I started to think FALL RACES!!

This is what I love about being done with my big race in September, I still get two months of races to do for run. There are so many choices! So many that I want to do! John wants to go PR his marathon by an hour, because he most likely can. His first marathon was during Ironman with me, and it was my slowest ever. It’ll be fun to pick the right race and see how much he can PR the marathon by without that 2.4 mile swim and 112 mile bike ride warm up.

At the moment we’re both leaning towards Rails to Trails in Norwalk, WI. I have a history with this race, it’s oddly very special to me. It basically shaped the athlete I am today. It really is a hidden gem of marathons in Wisconsin.

Other than thinking ahead to what’s next we got to enjoy a swim-less, bike-less, run-less weekend. It was strange. It was delightful. It was the first time we had a chance to visit Madison’s beautiful farmer’s market this year. Now that life has slowed down a little John and I are making an effort to eat less crap and more greens.


Over the weekend I was tempted to go to the pool, or get on my bike, but I know I need a break away from those activities mentally more than physically. It’s fall. Fall is the time for apple picking, hiking, fat tire bike rides, and burying my face in my laptop for school work.

This fall I’m going to get smart and a touch more rested, minus the 26.2 I want to sneak in.

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  1. Aren’t you supposed to eat well while you’re training and then eat crap afterwards? LOL on John being able to PR with a swim/bike warm-up. You IM people are amazing.


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