Starting my fall semester of just nine credits two weeks before Ironman Wisconsin has been a test of my time management skills. Every night I come home from work, sit down with my laptop, read for an hour, and then struggle with a Word document for an hour. I’m rusty on BS’ing my way through assignments.

But that’s not what you’re reading this blog for. You probably want to know pre-race blabber and about my latest taper tantrum. I’m oddly calm, for the most part. I mean, I couldn’t sleep last night, and I woke up 32 minutes before my alarm this morning.

My expectations of race day are to finish, though an Ironman finish is never assumed. So many things could go wrong. So many things could go right. If I were to predict times, I’d say it’s going to be similar to my 2013 & 2014 finish. I haven’t gained any speed since then. What the hell have I been doing all summer?

It’s that lull before the big day where I wish I would have trained a little harder. Maybe I should have done a few bricks? Seriously, I did two brick workouts. The hay that I earned is in the barn, and I’m going to make confetti with that hay and have the best day possible. I’ll have my main squeeze by my side, running together as the Clean Plate Club. It’s going to be a beautiful day. I’m going to thank a volunteer, high-five a spectator, smile and laugh.

For those tracking, my bib number is 819.

For those racing, good luck! Hope to high-five you on an out and back out there!



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