Training Weekend 72

My peak week total hours of training was 13:37. The following week, a step back week hours totaled 13:38. Whoops? Maybe? I biked less, increased my swim distance, and maintained my running.

I am my own coach. Trust the training.

Saturday morning we woke up, no alarms, ate french toast, and headed out for a 12 mile Lake Loop. It was sprinkling, it felt cooler than it has been, the humidity wasn’t noticeable, we actually maintained a sub ten minute mile for the run. This is probably the first time since June. I would love to be able to run like that at Ironman!

Sunday morning since we “only” had four hours on the bike we decided it would be a good day to practice a two mile swim, then race day nutrition on the bike. The swim was crazy, horror movie-like conditions with whiteout fog. We swam out maybe 50 yards and couldn’t see the shore. There were a few swim groups leaving because their swim was canceled. At the buoy we swam to we decided to do short tenth of a mile laps between a dock and a buoy. It was close to shore, we hoped that no boats would appear out of nowhere. As we neared a mile John suggested that we just swim until the fog cleared up so that we could safely ride our bikes next. He’s a smart one!

We got our two miles done, the fog cleared up. It was a huge relief when we could actually see the shore! After the swim we hopped in the car with our bikes racked and drove to the Great Dane in Fitchburg. From the Great Dane we road our bikes to Whalen Road (the stick) and headed towards the loop. Starting the ride I was so eager to get the ride done that I averaged 15.6 mph into Mount Horeb!  For the last three weeks it’s been under 15, so I was really happy to see that.

From Mount Horeb we headed to the great Barlow Road. I could feel my head sliding into that place of doubt, but I kept reminding myself to stay calm, just pedal, take it easy, breathe, YOU CAN DO THIS DAMMIT!! I got to the top.

I faded a bit after Barlow Road. My hips felt horrible. The best way I can describe my hip soreness is you know the feeling after you have an orthodontic adjustment? It was like that, in my hips. I had a chiropractic adjustment on Saturday. I should have planned that adjustment for after the weekend, but I am experiencing some nagging lower back pain. Hopefully a couple more trips to the chiropractor pops everything back into place before the big day. My hips and back were in rough shape at the end of these 58 miles.

I consumed all of my nutrition; a Bonk Breaker immediately after the swim, 3 small potatoes, a bag of gummi worms, a can of Coke, 8 ounces of beet juice, and a Clif bar. This nutrition “plan” needs some tweaking, and unfortunately at this point it’s going to be a hope-for-the-best game on race day!

Weekend Totals
Run- 12 miles
Swim- 2 miles
Bike- 58 miles

Now, I can really celebrate the taper!


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