Training 97.5

On Saturday I ran my fifth Madison Mini Marathon, in my slowest time on that course yet and I’m damn proud of it. TWO SEVENTEEN for those who like to know those things. In the pouring rain I ran 3.2 miles to the starting line from home. I took my time during the half marathon, walked some aid stations and even stopped to chat with a friend who was a volunteering. At the finish line I grabbed my medal and a bag of cheesy popcorn and continued on my run. I had 18 miles on my plan. There I went, running down Langdon Street to Gorham Street with a bag of cheesy popcorn.

Once my Garmin chirped at 18 miles I stopped and called John, “Come get me. I’m at that spot where I fell down a week before my marathon last fall”

At least I’m able to stay upright this season.

After our long runs on Saturday we spent the rest of the day on a Netflix binge, trying to stay off the legs and be ready to attack 80-100 miles on the bike Sunday. We “attacked” 78 miles. Okay, 77.5 miles. We agreed on at least two loops, and maybe an out and back on the stem if we felt up to it. Two loops was plenty.

Before the ride I read a race recap by a blogger that I’m crazy inspired by, Maria. In the post she wrote about how she told everyone on a happiness scale from one to ten she was a ten, no matter what. I’M A TEN! Her knee hurt at mile 80, she was still a ten. I told myself I’d be a ten for this last long ride. My ten faded in both climbs into Mount Horeb. That section of the course crushes my spirit. I’ll keep trying this one to ten scale, but I think I’m just too honest. I’m a nine.

But let me tell you about the time I actually was a ten during the ride. As we headed towards the great Barlow Road I was having an argument with myself. I told myself that it would be OKAY if I had to walk Barlow today, my legs were fatigued from the 18 mile run. But telling myself that it’s okay basically allows me to give in. If it’s okay then my will to fight takes a nap.

As I started the climb I forced myself to RELAX, just pedal, look down, pedal, pedal, pedal, deep breaths, pedal, pedal, pedal. I got up Barlow! Not even wheezing. John said it was the most composed I’ve been at the top of this monster. After that victory I felt like a ten all the way back until we got to the long, false flat into Mount Horeb

Since we slept in and started our ride so late, and we were both just over it and called it a day at 5 hours, 20ish minutes. I asked John if he was okay with our last long ride being kind of “short”. He trusts that my minimal methods that got me to the finish line in the past will do the same for him this year. It’s like a Clean Plate Club honor system!

Oh! Oh! I haven’t even blogged yet about our amazing tri tops that we ordered to be made custom! Look!


Our Clean Plate Club ended the weekend of big training with a 2 mile swim on Monday. We got to practice in some rough, choppy waters. I’m glad we got to experience this, we’ll be ready on race day if Lake Monona blows a few tsunamis our way.


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