Training Weekend 85.8

That number, 85.8 seems so low compared to how I felt Sunday morning. If you haven’t caught on, the numbers are how many miles I covered in a weekend. Now I’m extending that number to the swim distance I cover on Monday because I’m too damn tired to do my swim on Sunday.

On Saturday we ran 16 big ones. Anything 15 and over will always be daunting to me. I’ve ran nine marathons, but running more than 2.5 hours will still put me on edge. As soon as the numbers are in my head, all of the joints in my legs simultaneously  become injured, I swear. My long run plan was to run five miles to a hotel to meet Erika (@mcmmamma) from D.C. area, run 4.5 miles with her & her BeerGeek hubby, then the rest back home.


It’s amazing how splitting a run up like this socially makes it doable. Like almost no big deal. While running with Erika the miles just flew by. And then I flew home feeling great. There was no better reward for these miles than a few hours stumbling around The Great Taste of the Midwest all afternoon.

Sunday morning I woke up and groaned “Uggggggggggggh

John did too. But we were on our bikes by 9:00am. The first 25 miles of the ride were a slow 14.2mph. My legs felt like they were riding through molasses. So slow, so tired, so just wanted to be done and having ice cream. We didn’t even bother hitting the nasty hill on Barlow Road considering the baby hills of the course felt tough. After a Kwik Trip stop we picked up the pace, ending the ride at 14.8 mph for 68.3 miles. Besides feeling physically depleted, it really was a great summer day!

On Monday we swam 1.5 miles in Lake Mendota. We finally found a great little place to get in where there isn’t boat traffic. The catch is that we have to swim .30 mile laps back and forth until getting to the desired distance. I’ve been letting John make the call on the distance since he’s the one who needs the swim training. After our swim, he left his gear on top of the car, drove off, got home and then blamed me. Ironman-brain is happening.

So this week is the last week for logging big mileage. Peak week they call it. I probably won’t go all out and do doubles everyday like I should. I’m too busy feeling every little twinge and diagnosing myself with running injuries.

Ironman-brain, meet Bubble-wrap phase!

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