Training Weekend 92.1

Let’s talk about the new Ironman Wisconsin bike course.

In one word, BARF sums it up.

On Saturday I met the newest horrible hill by walking my bike up it. I’ve never had to hop off of my bike in the middle of a seemingly impossible hill before. This was such a new feeling for me. I breathlessly kept saying “there’s no way, there’s no way” over and over again.

This hill has a 21% grade. It’s like riding your bike up a brick wall. When I crested the slight hill before it I saw two people walking their bikes. Oh hell no, I wasn’t going to have to do that. Until I did.

If you’re not familiar with my cycling skills, I’ll bring you up to speed. It’s not a strong suit for me, but it’s not a weakness either. I’m fairly average. I’ve done Ironman Wisconsin twice and have no problem with the regular course and its three “Bitches”.

As I glided down the other side my first thoughts were “How can I better train for this? What can I do to prepare for this?” Ten minutes later I worried myself into a little cry. Twenty minutes later I stopped for a cold can of Coke and felt so much better about life.

Tonight I dropped my bike off at the mechanic to get a new 11-34 cassette. I’ll continue my weekly hill repeats, my squats, lunges, and a few other creative ideas I have to get prepared for this. I am on a mission to earn the shirt I bought the morning before my ride, see below…


The next morning we joined a 200 person group for the run course loop through campus. It was a delightful 70 degrees and my legs were feeling pretty great for day after a 76 mile ride. We chatted with a bunch of newbies, which is always fun, feeling like the wise old owl. My pace is finally back at a reasonable place. After having to walk my bike up that hill the day before I was determined to run up and over Observatory Drive. I did it. And then I regretted it. It burned some matches and I slowed down a bit. Energy was soon found “meeting” a gal around mile 11.

We started chatting, and she goes “Wait, you look familiar, have we met?” And John reminded us all that we did meet two years ago at a Dean Karnezes group run. How random! Later that day, my Facebook memories even had a picture from exactly two years ago at the group run. Weird, random things like that always confirm that I’m in the right place.

Weekend totals:
Swim 2.1 miles
Bike 76 miles
Run 14 miles



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