Training Weekend 92.9

It’s safe to say that we’re in Get-Shit-Done mode for Ironman training. I logged 14 hours worth of workouts on Training Peaks! This is possibly a new record for me, and we’re not quite in peak weeks yet!

Saturday we miraculously timed and routed our long ride perfectly with the storms brewing in the afternoon. Our ride started from home, headed out towards Wauankee to Cross Plains and onto the Ironman WI bike loop. It was awfully muggy out, within seconds of stepping foot outside I mentally prepared for a brutal ride. Surprisingly, it went fantastic! I stayed on top of hydration and nutrition. I couldn’t believe how good I felt in 90% humidity!


(Side note, we’re doing a Fitness challenge at work. One part of the challenge is drinking water. Every day this week I drank 90% of a gallon jug of water. Apparently being properly hydrated actually helps with these long workouts! Who would have thought?)

As we rode back into Madison all the streets were wet, we missed a downpour of rain! Thirty minutes after our ride it began to downpour again! Win!

Sunday morning we didn’t set an alarm clock because the hourly forecast showed general muggy conditions at all hours of the day. No point in waking up at 5:00am if it’s going to feel the same at 8:00am outside! The plan was to run a loop of the Ironman WI course, cutting out the portion that goes around the square for a total of 11 miles. I hit the high humidity struggle bus two miles in. We began to stop to walk every few minutes, trying to not be reckless and have heatstroke.

At the bottom of Bascom Hill we surrendered to the conditions and made a beeline towards the Anytime Fitness club that’s on campus. We hopped on treadmills and got it done. I really think our change of plans was a good decision. The treadmill gave us a better run workout than outside was going to. Right now I’m trying to regain some lost speed, run/walking outside in 90+ degrees isn’t going to help that! And the likeliness of it being this hot in September on race day is slim. [knock on wood]

After the run we jumped into Lake Monona for a long swim. The water was a touch choppy and felt SO GOOD after trying to run outside earlier. There’s something magical about swimming in front of the Monona Terrace too, it’s such a beautiful building! I got in 1.65 miles and enjoyed every bit of it!


Over the course of the weekend we logged 92.9 miles. Tomorrow? I’ll log zero. Bring on rest day!

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