Ironman 43.1 Racine

The good news is that I finally broke six hours at Ironman Racine.

The real news is that they canceled the swim and shorted our bike ride to thirty miles due to storms with lightning in the area. Our bike was a rolling time trial start at 10:30, my ride probably didn’t start until around 10:45.

Before the storms started I said to my friends “It’s going to be so funny when the rain starts and everyone scrambles in a panic”

And then it happened and I was laughing uncontrollably. It was kind of like a scene in one of those Earth-ending drama movies, like San Andreas Fault.. anyone see it? No? I didn’t think so. John and I joined the scramble, giggling. A nice girl shouted from under her pop-up tent that anyone could hide in their tent with them. I gleefully said to John “Let’s make new friends under that tent!”

We huddled under the tent with unfamiliar faces, laughing at the ridiculousness of the morning. Our familiar friends found their way under this tent too, and we all came up with rumors about race morning to spread. Did you hear the swim was actually canceled because they found a shark? Did you hear that we’re all going to have to run 26.2 at the end to make up for the shortened bike course?

When the race officials announced that we would only get a 30 mile bike ride truthfully my gut instinct was to hit the road back to Madison. I didn’t want to wait around 3+ hours to ride 30 miles. My plan B was to drive back to Madison, do an Ironman bike loop and then run six miles. I realized that my plan B was actually shorting myself run miles and decided it would be more beneficial for our training to stay and run a full catered 13.1 after the wee 30 mile bike ride.

The wee 30 mile bike ride felt like more with the 25 mph wind gusts blowing everyone around. I had a death grip on my bike, making it a challenge to eat or drink. A 3+ hour delay and minimal fueling on the bike did not set me up well for the run, where I’m weak right now anyway.

In the run I just wanted to death march it out. I reminded myself that these were training miles, “don’t train yourself to walk! Run!”  So I ran as much as I could, until I felt like I might lay down under a tree and take a nap, then I’d walk a little. It took me until mile 3 to remember to stop at an aid station to start my coke and ice strategy. Doh! It was like rocket fuel, suddenly I was moving more confidently.

I did my thing on the run course, slowly but surely I made it to the finish! Any day I cross a finish line is a great one.


For those want want numbers:
Swim 0.0 – 00:00
T1  00:00
Bike 30 miles – 1:40:49, 17.9mph
T2  3:34
Run 13.1 miles – 2:25:41, 11:07 minute mile
Overall 4:10:04

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