We call the shots

Training. I am always floundering behind. Flailing. Or is that how everyone feels when they train for an Ironman? This is my third time training for it, not following a specific plan, not coached, just winging it, like I do.

I feel behind. I’m certain I’m behind. I haven’t even had any bird attacks on the bike this season, obviously I’m not spending enough time on it!

I read posts from fellow triathletes training for the same big day posting a ton more miles and yards than I do. Here’s a picture of my last couple of weeks


Kind of weak, yes? If I were to post this in any Ironman training Facebook group they would throw tomatoes at me and tell me I’m not going to finish. People of the internet can be harsh and only know their own ways.

Looking through my training logs from 2013 and 2014, I’m actually okay. Sure, I could/should be doing more, and I intend to really do more in the next few weeks. No more excuses, or sacrificing training for others. It’s time to dig deep and get selfish again.

Saturday we did our longest ride for this training cycle (and John’s longest ride ever), 68.75 miles. Sunday morning we slogged through a tough twelve mile run. Tough, tearful miles for me. My body just wouldn’t have any of it. After the run, we drove out to Devil’s Lake and John insisted that we swim 1.5 miles. I’m glad he insisted, because there’s no way I would have got that done on my own will.

That’s the one positive spin I have been able to put on this lately. The fact that this training is on my own will. No coach, no training plan to stress over. I force my butt out of the door, I log my miles, on my own account. I call the shots, with the exception of John throwing in some training demands now too. It’s empowering to be able to do this on our own. Together, we got this.


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