Capitol View Triathlon 2016

Since Capitol View Triathlon was my very first triathlon in 2011 it’s been one of those “can’t miss” races for me. I love it. I hate it. But I really, really love it.

My pre-race things to know:

  • I slogged through a tired 10 mile run on Wednesday morning, still fatigued from Lake Mills Triathlon last Sunday.
  • I had a fitness consultation at work on Wednesday. If you’re not familiar with what this means, a personal trainer makes you do planks, squats, lunges, etc until you can’t anymore. Basically finding your limit. Basically I did 1,000 squats and lunges on Wednesday and was left sore for days.
  • I participated in relay races at work on Friday. The worst, right? My hamstrings were still in rough shape from my consultation on Wednesday and I still competed. (I really do love my job!)
  • I did an easy two hour ride on Saturday before the race, still building/maintaining endurance for a 70.3 next Sunday.

Race morning:

John and I bought bibs from a couple who could no longer participate. We were in the “Family Ties” division so we got to start together, in the last wave! It turned out to be good practice for sticking together in the swim, sort of. He was behind me, ahead of me, behind me standing up–wtf? Then hustled out of the water close to shore. I had an okay swim, my heart rate didn’t blow up, I didn’t panic, I just swam and got out. My swim time is a miraculous 6:16 leaving me to believe that the wind blew the buoys in cutting the course a bit short.

T1, apparently John was sitting two feet from me and I never noticed him. I still need to figure out a strategy to get that damn wetsuit off of my ankle quicker.

The bike course here is shorter than other triathlons, but it’s a tough one. Ten miles with a couple of big climbs and turns at the bottom of the hill. It’s so technical that I forgot to eat or hydrate! I managed 16.3 mph, which isn’t normally impressive, except that I was 2nd in my age group on the bike!

T2, dazed, trying to put socks on, go!

The run is on trails. Within the first few minutes I made a mental note to myself to actually train on some trails next year before the race. I remembered a girl last year calling this course “a man-maker” and thought of that to carry me through. My first split was 10:23 so I challenged myself to a progressive run. Second was 9:32, third was 9:07, though my Garmin wasn’t matching the mile markers and my official pace shows 10:08. Hmph. Considering my pre-race activities and soreness I’m happy I was even able to run!

John was right there at the finish shoving his results in my face before I even put on my finisher medal. He got first in his age group! He’s a maniac. Along with his AG award, we placed first in our couples division! And I got fourth in my age group. (Side note, I got to race in 30-34 age group since this one isn’t USAT, had I raced in 35-39 I would have been 5th or 6th)

The Capitol View Triathlon course is tough and truly a “man-maker.” But every year it makes me want to get stronger and faster for the next year!



I thought it would be fun to put links to all of my recaps from Capitol View since 2011.

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