Lake Mills Triathlon 2016

On Sunday morning while setting up transition, I got to catch up with my triathlon friends and say silly things like, “I’m so glad it’s not windy and cold like last year!”

When the clock hit 7:00am as the novices went out, we watched a rain cloud across the lake blowing our way, the waves in the lake got bigger, it was windy and suddenly we were cold…just like last year. We had forty minutes before our waves started, plenty of time to whine about the weather and wonder why we do this. I got up at 4:00am for this?

A couple things to know about my training pre-race:
I ran a marathon three weeks ago.
I haven’t done a brick workout since February.

So, the swim. Here’s what I learned on Sunday; I need to be less cocky about the swim. I’m good at swimming. I’m confident in the water. I often place myself too far back and then I’m frustrated at trying to weave around other swimmers. At Lake Mills I started near the front of my wave, took off like I was Michael Phelps, sighted and saw dozens of pink swim caps behind me, got punched in the face with a ginormous wave and then all hell broke loose with my heart rate. My heart was pounding and my breathing got all out of whack and I had to swim with my head out of water until after the first buoy, while those dozens of pink swim caps cruised on past me.

T1 was a fight with my wetsuit that didn’t seem to want to come off of my ankles. I should practice this sometime.

The bike! It was windy! I was thankful for that awful three hour bike ride last week in 20mph winds that made me ready for this. I maintained 18mph or more for just about all of the ride. I remembered a time when I first started triathlon and never passed anyone, and here I was, doing a lot of passing. Pretty cool.

T2. 1:25. In & out.

Run! My splits were 8:38, 8:55, 8:50! These are some proud numbers for me. I just used a couple of mental pep talks and kept checking my form.

Below are my 2015 and 2016 numbers from this course. It’s a five minute PR overall, including a bike and run PR. With how weird my training has been this season, I’m surprised at this progress!


Swim exit photos are always so flattering.


Look, my name is Food!

This was a great start to triathlon season! Now, bring on my FAVORITE, Capital View Triathlon this coming Sunday!


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