Training, I enjoy it!

My training has been fun and adventurous this season, so far. Even my brutal long bike ride in 20-25mph wind on Saturday was enjoyable, minus those moments I was shouting curse words into the sky. Going into it I told myself those things you’re supposed to say, “This will make me stronger! This is character building! It could be windy on race day! I am so strong, I can do this!”

An hour into it I questioned why I bother. But then we were on the Ironman Wisconsin bike course and I felt so grateful to be there. How awesome is it that I can ride to the course from my home? I love this course. I hate this course, but mostly I love it. It feels like my home away from home considering how many hours I’ve spent on it. No matter how much the ride feels like it sucks, all I have to do is look around and take in the scenery. It’s just beautiful.


On Monday we did our first open water swim of the season! We swam at Devils Lake in Baraboo, WI. The water was just perfect. Our swim went pretty good too! After the swim we both did an at-noon run in the heat of the day. John took off on his own route, and I went the other way. It was hot and uncomfortable, and it brought me back to triathlon season. Uncomfortable is just how it feels, and after that run I’m feeling ready for my first sprint triathlon of the season this Sunday!


Last night I went out of my comfort zone and went to a ladies group track session. I had to drive 20 minutes to get there, something I’d normally scoff at. I knew I’d be glad I did it, and I was! I saw some familiar faces and met some new ones. Girl power, I tell you, it really is a thing! I did 400 repeats and saw one 8:06 split, which is rare and precious to me.


My plans for today is to go back to that dreaded boot camp. Remember boot camp? It made my legs so miserable. Except it also made them really freaking strong. My Green Bay Marathon recovery was the quickest marathon recovery I’ve ever had, and I truly credit the boot camps to this. It’s going to be interesting to see how the boot camps continue to benefit my triathlon training!


See? Lots of training adventures. It’s June, let’s go have some more!

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