May Chills


This is my bike. My bike misses the times she could be outside, in the sunshine, in temps above 70. Remember those times?

Excuse me while I be predictable and whine about how awful the weather was over the weekend. Low 40s on Saturday. Wind with a stabbing chill. It was just miserable, for May.

I started my Saturday morning by dropping John off on the capitol square so that he could run to Stoughton. He did the Sytennde Mai 20 mile run without me! While he did that, I was volunteering for a quick minute at a 5K. When I arrived I realized that three layers wasn’t enough. Chilled to the bone.

From there, I headed to Cottage Grove to attend an outdoor boot camp session that my employer is putting on every Saturday in May. I arrived so grumpy because of the weather. Despite how grumpy I was, I ended up having a ton of fun! Laughing with total strangers, doing squats, lunges, jumping jacks, relay races…I thanked the trainers on my way out!

Then I had to pick up John from Stoughton, because he ran there. He runs a freakishly fast race, 2:27! Doing some math, it seems like he has the potential to Boston qualify in the future. I love plotting, planning and dreaming with him!

Once we were done with our outside activities I quit being outside. It was just too entirely miserable out there. The rest of the day was spent Netflix’ing.

Sunday morning it was a touch warmer out, yet I whined and groaned about have to run 8 little miles. I read Facebook posts about the disastrous weather at Ironman Texas and decided that if they could finish in those conditions I could run 8 miles in 40 degrees. The run felt sluggish and slow. My legs are still a bit weirded out from the boot camps that I’ve been going to. Eventually all that extra strength will help? It’s got to.

After that I had an inner battle of whether or not I could tough it out on the bike outside. I saw a few cyclists out while I was out running. It could be done. But I didn’t want to. I didn’t have any patience left for the chill in the air. Instead I took my fat tire bike out! I grinned from ear to ear as I twisted and turned through narrow dirt paths along a babbling brook. Fat tire bike trails have quickly become my happy place. It’s still fun when it’s only 40 degrees out.

Maybe this is plan B. If it never warms up I’ll be doing all my triathlons slowly on my fat tire bike!


One comment

  1. Yup couldn’t even bring myself to bike outside and that is why I was on the trainer last night for almost 2 hours. Boring? Definitely. I would just like some “sweet spot” weather in like the 60s and 70s before it is 90 and blazing and I can’t carry enough water.

    That extra strength training will definitely help! Just might make some training sessions feel junky in the meantime, but it will be worth it!


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