Lake Monona 20K + 4.6 miles

I ran the Lake Monona 20K and then additional miles after the race. After the race when someone asked me how my race went I responded with what would make me cringe if I saw someone else respond this way:

“I PR’ed but I’m not happy with it”

What the heck, self? Get it together.

After saying that I reminded myself of my original goal going into the race. It wasn’t a time goal, I didn’t even care of it was going to be a PR. What I wanted from myself out of this race was to run it strong, mentally and physically.

Like I mentioned in my post prior to the race, my quads were fried from a boot camp class that I had to attend for work. Race morning, within the first footstep of my warm up I knew I was in trouble. Argh. F r u s t r a t i ng !!

I started the race, knowing full well that it wasn’t going to be the race I had trained for, and then I’d have additional miles to run after. I went out conservatively and my pace kept slowing down further and further. By mile six I knew that even with my slowing pace, as long as I kept my shit together I could still PR. That’s all that kept me moving really.

Oh, and that moment with the two hour pace group passed me, so demoralizing. My heart sank for a split second, and then I sprinted up ahead of them. I stopped for what I thought was an aid station, but it was a unofficial beer stop, in the middle of a hill. That stop messed with my groove and then two hour pace group passed me again. Dammit.

It took a few minutes to catch the pace group, and I ran with them for a few minutes. Then I overheard the pacer say “We’re about a minute and half ahead of pace”. Oh screw it, I slowed down. Pacers drive me batty. Run the pace. It screws with my head if they’re ahead.

I had no idea if I could break two or not at mile 12, so I took off believing I could. I could have, but I didn’t. I finished in exactly two hours.

I had my post-race beer, cheered a friend in, met up with a couple of runner friends, and then decided if I was going to run home I better do it now. I gave John my second beer ticket, he stuck around enjoying my beer, as I shuffled home. My shuffle home was a yucky feeling run/walk in the double digit minute miles. Normally for a peak long run I like to do a 3 hour run, which usually equates to about 18 miles for me. With how fried my quads were, and surviving a run/walk home I called it a day at 17 miles. The run just wasn’t beneficial for my upcoming marathon at this point.

What I’m not proud of is that this is not a mentally stronger run over 2015’s race. I mean, at least this year I didn’t have a meltdown at mile 9. This is a six minute 20K PR, which I am proud of despite my leg conditions.



  1. Argh! Running messes with our heads so much! Or we mess with our running in our heads. Just don’t do bootcamp before your marathon and you’ll be great, OK?


    • I have to do one more before the end of the month.. I’m afraid to go this week because I’m afraid I’ll injure myself. I’m afraid to go after the marathon because I’ll injure myself. I can’t win!


  2. Gah, the 2 hour pace group at the Door County half was almost 2 minutes ahead. That’s not 2 hours! They were driving me nuts.


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