Training and a Spontaneous Race Registration

I was so smug about going to a boot camp type training session for work on Monday. How cool, this is my job! My job is sending me to workout! I love my job!

I do love my job. I don’t love what boot camp did to my quads. It’s now Friday and my quads still quiver going down stairs. Tomorrow morning I have a 20K where I was planning on getting a course PR. With the condition of my quads, I know I have to adjust my goals. Argh. If you recall, my most recent 13.1 had a similar problem.

I’ll do what I can; foam-roll, stretch, walk for active recovery, salt bathe, drink a ton of water, and take some ibuprofen.

Oh, I should note that boot camp was actually really cool and I plan to do it again! I have a regular strength routine, but obviously this worked me in ways I don’t normally. Strength is good!

Oh! I should also note that I spontaneously signed up for Green Bay Marathon on 5/22. That’s oh…less than 20 days from now. My Twitter friend Layla, from California will be in the area and also spontaneously signed up for it. When these rare chances happen, I take them. I get to meet a Twitter pal I’ve known for a couple of years and start a marathon with her!

I won’t be completely under trained for it, as I did a 16 mile run two weeks ago, and will be running an extra 6 miles tomorrow after my 20K making it an 18 mile run. This should have been my peak week for mileage, but with my quads dead from boot camp I only got 4 miles in on Tuesday. Hopefully tomorrow’s run goes well!



One thought on “Training and a Spontaneous Race Registration

  1. Yay for spontaneity! I’m so excited!! Now, if only this weird Achilles problem of mine will go away…
    But I do think the boot camp will pay off in the long run. Trail running KILLED my quads at first, but it seemed to make them go faster on roads.


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