Training and a Spontaneous Race Registration

I was so smug about going to a boot camp type training session for work on Monday. How cool, this is my job! My job is sending me to workout! I love my job!

I do love my job. I don’t love what boot camp did to my quads. It’s now Friday and my quads still quiver going down stairs. Tomorrow morning I have a 20K where I was planning on getting a course PR. With the condition of my quads, I know I have to adjust my goals. Argh. If you recall, my most recent 13.1 had a similar problem.

I’ll do what I can; foam-roll, stretch, walk for active recovery, salt bathe, drink a ton of water, and take some ibuprofen.

Oh, I should note that boot camp was actually really cool and I plan to do it again! I have a regular strength routine, but obviously this worked me in ways I don’t normally. Strength is good!

Oh! I should also note that I spontaneously signed up for Green Bay Marathon on 5/22. That’s oh…less than 20 days from now. My Twitter friend Layla, from California will be in the area and also spontaneously signed up for it. When these rare chances happen, I take them. I get to meet a Twitter pal I’ve known for a couple of years and start a marathon with her!

I won’t be completely under trained for it, as I did a 16 mile run two weeks ago, and will be running an extra 6 miles tomorrow after my 20K making it an 18 mile run. This should have been my peak week for mileage, but with my quads dead from boot camp I only got 4 miles in on Tuesday. Hopefully tomorrow’s run goes well!


One comment

  1. Yay for spontaneity! I’m so excited!! Now, if only this weird Achilles problem of mine will go away…
    But I do think the boot camp will pay off in the long run. Trail running KILLED my quads at first, but it seemed to make them go faster on roads.


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