A Good 13.1!

I raced 13.1! I am sore! Like nearly post-marathon sore. In short, I finished within my expectations. Hooray!

If you have a few minutes for a more detailed version, let’s start with my splits:

9:01 <–Mile 8, dropped my Gu here
9:28 <–The “oh shit”  Continue reading below
9:57 <–DAMMIT
9:56 <–DAMMIT

My finish time was 2:01:34. I was on pace to break two for the first time since November 2013. Those two almost ten minute miles zapped that!

What hindered my sub two? One, my new job. I LOVE it, I’m so happy I’ve taken the plunge into an amazing career change! My first day was Wednesday before race-day, and it was a bit more physical than what I was used to coming out of a contact center! Right now we’re in the process of moving the office to a new location. I dove right into packing, moving heavy boxes, unloading, and using my legs in a way they don’t normally move. On Thursday and Friday my legs were spent and I knew I’d have to reevaluate my goals. I was more than okay with this, as an amazing career change doesn’t come around as often as half marathons do!

By the looks of my splits to start the race, and how surprisingly good my legs did feel I thought I had it in the bag! And then for the first time in six years of running half marathons I dropped my damn Gu at mile 8. At that point I was still running along at a strong pace, I didn’t want to stop for it. I didn’t have an extra one. I considered asking runners that I was passing if they had an extra. A mile later, “oh shit”

It got hot with less shade at this point too. Dropping my Gu messed with my head and I slowly gave in. How dumb! If I could have ran those two splits that dipped into the near-tens at 9:20 I would have broke two! Argh!

On the sunshiny bright side…

This was twelve minutes faster than my finish in 2015.

My original goal was sub 2:05.

This is my fastest 13.1 since November 2013.

I’ve been doing the work, I’m seeing some faster results!

John got third in his age group!

I’m anxious to recover and get back to training for my next event!


One comment

  1. Yay! Boo on the Gu but hooray on running strong! I afraid I’m not ready for the warm temps I could see in my race this weekend. At least that’s the excuse I’m ready for.


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