Long Run Success

That thing, where I have a really great last long run before the race happened. It causes me to set my race day expectations high(er). I do this repeatedly, season after season. Instead of bellyaching about my race day pitfalls, I want to boast about my last long run.



13.1 miles on a hilly route (also the 70.3 run course I’m doing in June), at a 9:29 pace. What?!! I don’t remember the last time I ran 13.1 in less than 2:15! The cherry on top is the tough wind conditions I fought, 20mph! In the last two miles, straight into the headwind it felt like I was running in slow motion, but somehow whipped up 9:15 splits!

The entire thing felt strong too. No mental battles. Can I bottle this for race day? Please? The race is a local, small, flat half marathon on 4/16. Last year I finished 2:17 after run/walking the last 6 miles. I don’t have any specific time goals for this year, though I want to finish feeling like it was a strong run. I want it to feel like this last long run that I’m boasting about!

Aside from running I’ve been doing well with getting to the pool twice a week, even if it means on a Friday night. Biking is hit or miss. It’s just that time of year where the trainer is making is crazy. I remember in December when I bought it, I was so naïve. I’m yet to really see if my hard trainer rides pay off on the bike outside. Hopefully it’ll be nice enough to bike outside by June 5th, my first triathlon event of 2016!

That’s all the swim, bike, run updates I have for now!

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