I quit.

I quit my job.

This is not an April Fool’s post.

In my last post I vaguely vented about being exhausted from life-hurdles. Those hurdles were job interviews. Rejection is tough! When you’re going through rejection and life-hurdles you’ll be told things like:

  • Something better will come
  • This will make you stronger/wiser
  • You’re meant for great things

And people will tell you stories of how they overcame, and I just wanted to scream SHUT UP at all of those wonderfully encouraging people. I don’t do well with rejection.

Turns out, all that rejection did make me stronger and wiser. Something perfect that I’m meant for came along. So now it’s my turn to be that wise person and tell you that whatever you’re going through right now, keep fighting. Stumble, fall, get up and go after it, whatever it is. Don’t quit. Ever.

Speaking of fighting for things, this weekend’s long run will be a fight with 30 mph wind on Saturday and 20 mph on Sunday. I’m still working on my pace for my half marathon on April 16th. It’s been a bumpy ride, but I won’t stop trying!

And let’s end this post with pictures of margaritas! The first is from the night I sent my cover letter and resume, and the second is my celebratory margarita!



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